WE invest FROM €100K to €1.5M in 5 FRENCH teams per year

Kerala Ventures backs
startups at the very beginning of their stories:

- at inception or pre-revenue (e.g. Doctolib, Malt, Skillup, Ouihelp, ...)
- at Seed stage (up to €3M funding round)
- in France

Kerala Ventures is insanely focused on bringing massive strategic and operational support to its entrepreneurs

Since 2015, we have conducted or have been directly involved in:


We sourced or structured the hiring of 91 people, from technical to sales and general management profiles. We have access to an exclusive candidate pool through our network first20.club


Directly involved in 12 Series A/B/C fundings, working on decks, BP and market entry models.


Over the last 40 months, we have performed 25 complete product and process reviews (1 to 2 week missions) at entrepreneurs' request.

The other key areas of expertise we bring to our entrepreneurs

Sales strategy and processes

Setting up financial and KPI reports

Marketing positioning and differentiation

International expansion

Accounting organization, business report and accounting reconciliation

Customer support, outsourcing and call center strategy, BPO

Online acquisition strategy, identification and selection of agencies and partners (SEO, SEA, content, etc.)

Strategic partnership structuring and negotiation

Cash management, working capital optimization

Our investment scope


Inception of the startup or Seed stage (up to €3M funding round)


SaaS, Marketplace, AI, tech-enabled service

Investment type

Equity & active operational support


Up to €1.5m

Cap table

Kerala Ventures aims to be the lead investor


3 to 6 weeks to get a term sheet

Our typical term sheet

Kerala Ventures' philosophy is to design management-friendly shareholder agreements and documentation.

Our aim is to:

  • Execute the deal quickly so entrepreneurs can get their focus back on business growth

  • Structure the deal with aligned interests between Kerala Ventures and management
  • Set up a lean legal organization to prepare and simplify the entry of new investors (when relevant) for additional capital raises


  • No liquidity calendar. Our timing vision is aligned with management's one

  • Management-oriented governance with limited veto situations
  • Simple drag-along and tag-along clauses
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