OUR DNA = INVESTMENT AT LAUNCH + Massive support + KNOW-HOW IN building unicorns  

Our Investment Strategy

We are looking for solo entrepreneurs or a team of founders at the inception or ideation stage.

- Having an unlimited ambition and willing to bring extraordinary companies to life

-  Purpose-driven individuals willing to improve the life of their ecosystems' actors

- Bringing Tech-enabled (AI, Data, Dev tool…) or business-driven (SaaS, Marketplace…) innovation

- Looking for a long-term partnership – we have no exit horizon

Our Value Proposition: we are  « founding investors »

We partner very early. We've invested in half of our start ups (e.g. Doctolib, Malt, etc.) at the incorporation of the company. At this stage, the odds of success seem slim, much is hazy and everything remains to be built.

We are 100% committed to our founders from day 1 and over the years. We invest in a limited number of founders with high level of exposure, in average Kerala owns 20% of the capital.

We aim to massively back our entrepreneurs and bring value in the following main areas: hiring, management, organisation, sales, marketing, fundraising, business plan & cash management.


As entrepreneurs and founding investors, we have built a unique know-how in managing hypergrowth, from launch to reaching hundreds of employees internationally (Lafourchette, Doctolib, Evaneos, etc.). 

Learnings from the launch of 2 unicorns


We aim to bring a massive and concrete support to entrepreneurs on strategy, recruitment, international development, major operational issues...

The first batch of top talents joining your start up is critical. We back you to build a powerful recruiting strategy and execute it.

We've been directly involved in 100+ recruitment processes of C-level positions (CPO, CMO, etc.) over the last 6 years, and have access to a proprietary talent pool through our network first20.club.

100+ recruitment processes of c-level positions



Since 2015, Kerala has backed 15 startups at seed stage or from inception. Our 15 startups have experienced a unique success rate in the market.

100% of Kerala-backed startups have gone on to raise Series A financing partnering with "Tier 1 investors" (e.g. Accel, Balderton Capital, Eurazeo, Bpifrance, General Atlantic, Idinvest, GFC, Serena, ISAI, Entrepreneur Venture, Runa Capital, CapDécisif, Iris, XAnge, Leap Ventures, Kernel, Partech, Alven, Fast Forward, Point 9, etc.)

Half of our portfolio is now at a Series B/C/D stage, expanding globally and going over 100 employees.

€545M follow-on capital raised

1€ from Kerala =>
€45 invested by later stage VC in following rounds

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