Antoine Freysz


Investment Team

Cofounder Otium, serial entrepreneur
20 years track record in General Management (200+ team)

Antoine has a unique mix of entrepreneurial & investor track record. He has been present at the creation of 2 unicorns: Lafourchette as entrepreneur and Doctolib as founding investor/Partner.

After launching his first venture in 2000, Antoine joined the Lastminute group as Sales Director and then COO. He directly managed 200 employees, including customer service and insides sales.

In 2007 he joined Olivier Occelli to launch NaturaBuy, the 2 of them have remained partners since that date and will later launch Kerala together.

In 2009, he cofounded the Startup Studio Otium with Pierre-Edouard Sterin. Antoine built Otium team, hiring as first Partners Stanislas Niox-Château and Philippe de Chanville (5 years later, Stan will found Doctolib and Philippe ManoMano).

As Otium CEO, Antoine biggest achievement had been Lafourchette market place and SaaS success. Antoine led Lafourchette board for 6 years till the exit to Tripadvisor in 2014. At that time, Otium was still majority owner of the startup, that had 250 salaries and ~300 millions € sales volume across 4 markets.

Antoine cofounded a total of 5 Otium startups, among others Balinea and Weekendesk.

Antoine graduated from HEC Paris.